Silopi People's Assembly: 'we no longer recognize the state'



ŞIRNEX - In the town of Silopi, Turkish police attacks have terrorized the populace since Friday August 7. The People's Assembly has declared that they no longer recognize any state institutions.

For four days, the Kurdish town of Silopi, in the Şırnak province of Turkey, has been under police blockade. Eyewitnesses say that police have killed three residents, blocked access to medical services for the wounded and tortured those under arrest, including by denying them medical treatment.

Jiyan Demir spoke on behalf of the Silopi People's Assembly to announce that, with the July 20 attack on socialist youth gathered in the town of Suruç, "the AKP government declared war in Kurdistan." The statement detailed the AKP's policies of isolating the jailed PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan; bombing civilian settlements in the assault on guerrilla areas; and now attacking the people of the town of Silopi.

"Against these massacres, we, the Silopi People's Assembly, are not rejecting the state, but are stating that in this situation, we cannot work with state institutions. Therefore, for us, all the institutions of the state in the city have lost their legitimacy," said Jiyan. "Thus, nothing dedicated to the state will govern us.

"From now on, we as the people will build a life based on democratic principles by taking up self-governance. We will perform democratic self-defense against any attacks that may occur from this point on," said Jiyan.