Neighborhood announces self-government in Adana



ADANA - The neighborhood of Dağlıoğlu in Adana, Turkey has announced self-government. Police arrested more than 10 in the wake of the announcement.

This month, the Turkish government has escalated police operations in Northern Kurdistan (in Turkey). In response, towns across the region have declared that they do not recognize state institutions. Now, a neighborhood in the southern Turkish city of Adana has joined the wave of areas declaring self-government.

Masked youth stood guard as residents of the Dağlıoğlu neighborhood delared their self-government.

"We support the rightful resistance of the people of Kurdistan," said a youth, reading a statement. "As Kurds, Turks, Arabs and people of different beliefs living here, we are not rejecting the state, but we are announcing that we will not govern ourselves through state institutions. All the institutions of the state in the city have lost their legitimacy for us." Neighborhood residents plan to practice democratic self-government in the neighborhood.

The residents tried to hold a march to a nearby police station, but police attacked the marchers. Police used tear gas, water cannons, rubber bullets and at times live ammunition. After extended clashes, the marchers dispersed. Police then headed into streets to arrest more than 10 individuals, children among them. The police blockade of the neighborhood continued for several hours.