Women exposed to harassment, assault during "curfew" in Silopi



ŞIRNEX - Women were exposed to inhuman treatments through martial law attacks under the name of "curfew" which continued for 37 days in the Silopi city of Şırnak.

Martial law under the name of "curfew" continued in Silopi for 37 days. Thousands of people were taken to Yenişehir Neighborhood Gym which was used as concentration camp like Nazi Germany by Turkish state forces. Many women were exposed to harassment, assault and insults and many inhuman treatments in concentration camp. Women were taken to the camp spoke to us.

Güzel Kıran stated that she was evicted by force of arms in the Başak neighborhood of Silopi. She said that they were taken to the concentration camps with dozens of people in a single row after they were evicted from their house. State forces threatened them continuous as "You will leave this town,". Güzel said that they saw two dead bodies, killed by state force while they were walking to concentration camp. "They siezed our identity cards. Some people were battered for opposing the application," said Güzel.

Nuray Balık, one of the women taken to camp, told us that 21 people from the same family were evicted by force of arms. Their house was targetted by artillery shooting. Nuray said, "Male police came to our house. They searched us and our house. They forced us to walk until the concentration camp. They told us "It doesn't matter where just leave this town". They forced us to leave our house. However, we don't leave our town even if our house has been demolished. We will continue to live here. We will never forget these days. These practices wound us deeply."

Sabriye Gizer, another women taken to camp, said that her family of 15 were evicted by being battered and insulted. She also said that police and the village guards accompanying them searched them thoroughly, even their underwear, in a manner that insulted human dignity. Sabriye said, "We were walked by force of arms. One woman and one man walked ahead of us. One shouted "Shoot them, shoot them". They opened fire on them. We don't know if they are alive. It was cold. We freezed. They chose some young people. They took them somewhere. They searched us thoroughly, even our underwear. Village guards also accompanied them."