‘Rape is a crime, cannot be justified’



ADANA – “Rape is a crime, cannot be justified” said Adana women by expressing their reaction to the AKP’s draft bill prescribing impunity for sexual harassers if they get married with their victims and clearing the way for child marriage.

The AKP presented a draft bill in Parliament. Women’s reactions to the draft bill, which legitimizes sexual abuse and acquits criminals, have continued to rise. Adana women indicated that rape is a crime and cannot be justified and emphasized they will be in streets until the bill will be withdrawn.

‘They legitimate child abuse instead saying stop’

Zeynep Işık pointed out that femicide would rise if the bill passed in Parliament and said, “We won2t allow that”. Zeynep emphasized that all of those were contrary to the International laws and universal values and continued, “As a woman, definitely I won’t accept this law. Every day, we are subjected to sexual assault and violence; children are subjected to sexual abuse. The state is trying to legitimate rape and sexual abuse instead saying, “No” to them.”

‘We will be in streets against this masculine mindset’s last move’

Güneş Kutlu said, “Our life completely will become a nightmare. Masculine mindset is constantly limiting our living spaces. We will take the streets against the bill and we won’t accept it.”

Senem Derinalp noted that the future of their children is being darkened and continued, “I hope the bill will not be approved. A social state should protect its people’s rights and freedom; however the state follows a contrary policy. We, as women, will not allow this bill.”